• Emergency call station for motorways
• Emergency and Information Points for rail stations
• Emergency and information station for construction sites, plants, etc.
• Level crossing phone, securing crossings without signals and barriers
• Call station for taxi management system
• Audio Module for Ticket Vending Machines (DDA Applications)
• Emergency and information stations for waterways
• Monitoring public buildings: Heating systems, etc.
• Emergency and Information Points for Airports
• Emergency and Information Points for Ports & Harbours

TDM’s GSM board, the WAM-GSX; sending voice and data over a 3G GSM or GSM-R connection. Can be installed in any TDM enclosure or used in a customer-specific bespoke unit.

  • GSM / GSM-R quad-band operation
  • Sends an SMS if a voice call fails
  • Dual SIM card: Second GSM provider if the first network is unavailable
  • Hands-free or with the handset (incl. PTT)
  • 1 to 4 target buttons connectable
  • Reassurance messages (up to 12 languages)
  • LED for signalling the operating state
  • Mains or solar powered
  • Tamper alarm
  • Self testing and remote diagnostics
  • Remote configuration via SMS
  • Announcements via enhanced loudspeaker output
  • Auxiliary inputs and outputs for external alarms