Vicos call point electronic


The VICOS can be connected directly over optical fibres; this allows long distances to be achieved, and for existing fibre optic infrastructures to be used.

There are 3 types of Call Points available:

VICOS CSA: Autonomous (Solar powered)
VICOS CSL: Repeater (Local power supply)
VICOS CS: Low-priced secondary call station

• Mains or solar power supply
• Intelligent power management for autonomous operation
• Remote powered over Ethernet with PoE PD

• Integrated layer 2 switch (no separate switch necessary)
• With PoE PSE for remote power supply of another VICOS CSA

The VICOS CS is a low-priced secondary call
point board, which is connected via copper to
another VICOS (CSA, CSL or CSS) at a distance of
up to 100m

  • 3 inputs and 3 outputs for surveillance and control
  • Dual mode operation: Hands-free or handset
  • Reassurance messages (12 languages)
  • Auto or remote diagnostics over SNMP
  • Remote monitoring, configuration and software downloads with TDM’s NIS
    management tools
  • Direct connection of a low-priced secondary call station (VICOS SC), deployable up to 100m away