TDM Help Points are on the Move…

TDM is excited to present it’s latest design: The Mobile Help Point.

The product development was in response to a customer’s request for TDM’s assistance.

Arriva Rail London had a requirement for a number of Help point units that could be put into action at short notice, and used as a temporary solution.
TDM worked with Arriva Rail London to design a unit that would meet their needs and that could be brought to fruition within their time frame. The result: a GSM Help Point, with an Audio Frequency Induction Loop (AFIL) system, housed in the enclosure requested, and mounted on a portable post.

The units are easy to manoeuvre into position and have a lockable panel that houses a tether used to secure the Help Point in place. Powered by an internal battery, the Help Point has a socket that allows easy connection to a power source for re-charging.

Delivered pre-configured with the requested parameters, the Help Point requires little installation and can be mobilised instantly.

Johnny Rosu, from Arriva Rail London told us:
“I just wanted to thank the TDM team for your help in getting the mobile PHP’s built and delivered in such short notice. The response received from TDM when we presented you with our problem was second to none and, despite the fact that the mobile PHP solution is not something that was done previously, you managed to find a way to develop and deliver a solution in such a short time.
I’d never hesitate to recommend you.”

Being able to store and relocate the units as soon as the need arises makes the Help Point suitable for many applications and venues. Contact TDM to discuss your mobile Help Point requirements – 01293 516 691.