TDM delivers a full range of passenger information, with CCTV, over 200 Help Points and public address system to the UK’s GTR (previously known as Southern) network including Clapham Junction which handles more passengers than any rail hub in Europe. As well as the design of the system we also install and maintain all of our equipment.

South Western

South Western Railway is one of many UK rail operators that depend on the TDM range of integrated customer information and control systems. We have installed over 370 Help Points, CCTV monitoring and the connection of a central operator.


BLS AG is Switzerland’s second-largest railway company with a network covering approximately 900 km across seven cantons. Within their network, BLS operates the fourth longest railway tunnel in the World, at 34.5 km. TDM has been delivering and developing solutions for BLS for over 10 years and have delivered over 200 Passenger Help Points at stations and 100 Emergency Call Terminals in tunnels.


TDM was chosen to supply and maintain the Passenger Help Points and CCTV control systems to the London Underground, one of the busiest public transit systems in the world carrying 1.3 billion people a year. Within our 8 year collaboration with the London Underground, our expertise in communications and securities has led to 400 Passenger Help Points being installed in over 47 sites


TDM supplies an SOS help point network to 90% of Swiss Roads. Fully integrated with legacy systems it combines fire extinguisher sensors that notify the central operator when a fire extinguisher is removed in a tunnel so that emergency services can be notified and announcements made by PA system.