TDM’S ROC GSM-R Telephone

ROC Telephone

  • Offers extra weather protection
  • Long-lasting and resistant to damage
  • Design options to suit the application
  • Provides regular status reports
  • Carry out updates and maintenance without going to site
  • Allows for installation in remote locations where power may be unavailable

Ruggedized Outdoor Communication (ROC): The vandal resistant and weather-proof design guarantees a highly reliable Emergency Telephone ideal for remote outdoor installations.

The ROC Telephone is able to handle emergency calls and be fully integrated into TDM’s NIS communication platform.

This offers additional functions such as automated display of CCTV images of incoming calls, regular monitoring and centralised configuration of ROC GSM-R Telephones.

  • Solar or local power
  • Spring-loaded self-closing door
  • Robust waterproof design
  • With or without dial keypad (15 keys)
  • Self-monitoring
  • Remote configuration and supervision