In November 2020 TDM will be celebrating its 20th trading Anniversary. In a year where global events have had a world changing effect, TDM’s Chairman, Geoff Vaughan, speaks about the Company’s journey, and what it means to be running a business during such extraordinary times.

Humble Beginnings

TDM was formed in 2000 to provide a presence in the UK for the Security Solutions Division of Ascom before becoming the Company it is today. TDM took the lead on establishing the now familiar white round railway Help Point countrywide. Work back in the day was predominantly focussed on London’s Underground railway.

On the Railway

We started out working within the Rail Industry, and whilst we have moved into many other arenas, it is the primary market that we continue to service. After 20 years we have gained a high level of expertise and experience in this Industry.

Global Reach

TDM has expanded over the years and has been involved in projects in several other countries including many in Europe, Middle East, India and Australia. Trading overseas is not just about getting your product and services out there; you need to take on board the cultural and environmental differences and in turn different product specifications.

A Great Team

Of course, it always makes a difference if you can rely on those that are making the Company’s wheels turn on a day-to-day basis. We have a super group of people working with us and all put a lot of work into contributing to the business’ success.

A Strong Network

One of the fundamental strengths that TDM has always held dear is the quality of our partners and suppliers, and indeed the strength of the relationships that we share with them. We are really proud to say that we are involved with some great companies, in fact as part of our anniversary celebrations, we are going to be showcasing as many of them as we can over the next few months…

…and so

We look forward to celebrating our Anniversary later this year. In the meantime, there is lots to do, for starters we need to mention that we are really excited about a new product range that we will soon be launching. Also keeping our mind focussed on delivering our best products and services to a demanding schedule will, of course, be keeping us busy over the coming months.

During these challenging times we would like to take the opportunity to wish all our colleagues, clients, partners and suppliers a healthy and safe 2020..