Children playing on the railway, terrorist threats, snow covered rail lines. Some emergencies can’t be avoided but they can be controlled in a way that is quick, efficient and safe. Our booklet ‘Life On The Line’ is an essential guide to mission critical communications showing how the station manager can co-ordinate any crisis using simultaneous connection between emergency services, station staff, train drivers and the traveling public.

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This essential guide is brought to you by TDM, the experts in mission critical communications and covers all the aspects for a comprehensive rail security system putting the station manager at the centre of communications between:


  • Train Drivers using GSM-R
  • Emergency Services with TETRA
  • Platform Staff with radio
  • Station-wide Observation using CCTV
  • The Traveling Public through Help Points, PA and Customer Information (CIS)


We bring together the vital components in station security for both newly built rail networks as well as working with legacy infrastructure in existing systems.


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