Modula Call Point

  • Rail Platforms, Waiting Rooms & Waiting Shelters
  • Airport Arrivals & Departures
  • Special Assistance Desks
  • Railway Station and Airport Car Parks
  • Multi-storey Car Parks
  • Sport Stadiums
  • Urban City Centres
  • University Campuses & Colleges
  • Public and National Parks
  • Shopping Centres and Malls

TDM’s Modula II Call Point enables effective two-way voice communication between the public and the Operator; this enables the Operator to determine the level of emergency assisted needed and also to offer reassurance to the member of the public.

The Modula Call Point can be fully integrated into TDM’s NIS communication platform, which offers additional functions such as CCTV images of incoming calls, regular monitoring of call points, and centralised configuration of call points.

  • GSM Quad-band technology 850/ EGSM-R 900 / 1800 / 1900 for voice and data connections. (Backup can be provided with a secondary SIM card on another GSM network)
  • eMLPP(Enhanced Multi-level Precedence and Pre-emption); call prioritisation can be defined for each call target
  • Redundant message transmission via text message (SMS) if the voice channel cannot be established
  • Integrated voice recording for the local output of audio announcements: instructions, reassurance messages, general information, etc.
  • A user-definable configuration of multiple numbers, with call priority per number for each call key and LED for visual display of call status
  • Sabotage detection automatically triggering a call if an attempt is made to break open or dismantle the device
  • Status reports are regularly sent from the call station. Frequency of the messages is configurable
  • A periodic self-test of all main components quickly identifies possible malfunctions