NIS Comnode

The ComNode (Communication Node) is the server at the core of TDM’s NIS system.

The ComNode transfers calls and is also responsible for supplying the operator/dispatcher terminals with applications and user interfaces. Several nodes can be networked via IP, allowing scaling from small to large systems.

Based on commercially available hardware the ComNode has a Linux operating system that has been tailored for the NIS.

The system parameters are monitored by the NIS Management Tools via an integrated IPMI 2.0 interface. Depending on requirements, the LX-Node or SXR-Node is used, both of which can be deployed as either a ComNode or as a network gateway.

LX Node

The LX-Node is a powerful and reliable server, with its redundant hard-disk infrastructure the computer provides a high level of security against physical data loss. The redundant power supply and redundant network interfaces also ensure a high level of operational reliability. Both the power supply and the hard disks can easily be replaced while the server is running.

SXR Node

The SXR-Node is used wherever a small form factor is required. Thanks to the redundant design of the network port, hard disk and power supply unit, the computer is extremely reliable.

  • Network-wide dynamic Role and User management
  • Dispatching functionalities for digital/analogue radio, emergency calls and GSM-R via TDM’s NIS Dispatcher Terminal
  • Text messaging (SMS)
  • Priority handling (Voice/Messages)
  • Public Address functionality
  • Tele-control functions
  • Conference bridge
  • Self-testing and diagnostics of itself and connected system components
  • Integrated voice recording
  • Integration of third-party systems (e.g. CCTV, PA etc.)
  • SCADA integration over OPC-DA/UA
  • Computer Telephony Interface (e.g. CSTA)
  • Cluster technology: Warm-Standby or Hot-Standby formations