The GSM/UMTS/LTE wireless connection to TDM’s emergency call and information NIS system.

The LUGA-Gateway connects TDM’s GSM Help Points with the NIS emergency call and information system. The gateway converts the incoming and outgoing GSM calls to VoIP, and handles SMS messages from the Help Points for processing by the NIS.

TDM’s GSM Help Points can be configured and monitored by the NIS system via SMS messages. Primary configuration settings are updated using the NIS Management tools, Help Point status and statistics are relayed to the NIS system and can also be forwarded to a higher level management system via a CTI, OPC or SNMP interface.

  • Messages and/or voice communication with TDM GSM Help points
  • 2-channel and 4-channel version available
  • Integration into the TDM NIS management system
  • NIS fall-back voice call routing
  • To increase network availability different mobile providers can be used per channel

LUGA Gateway Product Sheet