Imagine being a station manager responsible for an intense flow of thousands of rugby fans – possibly in a state of great excitement as they crowd from the station entrance intent on filling 3 platforms of limited capacity.

This is station crowd management pushed to the limit, so having a reliable CCTV network giving maximum visibility of passengers, being able to communicate directly over the PA while also being able to co-ordinate with Police and Ambulance services is paramount. 20,000 passengers an hour relied on TDM’s systems for their safety and security as they arrived for one of the biggest sporting events in the world; the Rugby World Cup.

Twickenham Station in West London has limited capacity but an upgrade has been ongoing over the last few months to greatly improve passenger flow and passenger safety.

Our Customer Information Displays guided passengers through the station to the correct platforms, ensuring that they had a safe journey to and from the event. The displays were also under the control of the station manager and written messages were shown instantly to tie in with PA announcements as a direct reaction to any changing situations.

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