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Help Points, Keeping Railway Stations Safe.

A crucial component for accident prevention and passenger safety.

What Are Help Points?

Help Points are a refuge for staff and public alike to provide safety and information where required. TDM has been supplying, installing, and maintaining Help Points since 2000. Our Help Points can be seen nationwide, and notably in UK railway stations.
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Recent Success Stories

Help Points transition from IDSN and 2G/3G to 4G.

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What are the benefits of Help Points?

Enhanced Safety

Help Points provide a direct line of communication to operational staff and emergency services, ensuring rapid response in case of accidents, medical emergencies, or security concerns.

Customer Assistance

Passengers can use Help Points to seek information about train schedules, ticketing, platform changes, or general inquiries, enhancing the overall customer experience.


Help Points are equipped with accessibility features, such as tactile instructions, visual indicator lamps and induction loops, making them user-friendly for individuals with disabilities.


They contribute to station security by serving as a deterrent to anti-social behavior and vandalism. Help Points are viewed by surveillance cameras.

Emergency Response

In the event of a security incident, Help Point users can quickly summon security or emergency services, helping to maintain a safe environment for all passengers.

Integration with Other Services

In some stations, Help Points can be integrated with other services like ticket vending machines, enhancing convenience for passengers.

Efficient Information

Operational staff can use Help Points to make important announcements, updates, or emergency notifications to passengers throughout the station.

Customer Satisfaction

Help Points contribute to a positive passenger experience, improving overall customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat use of railway services.


Help Points help railway stations comply with safety and accessibility regulations, ensuring that they meet the required standards.

Our services help railway stations communicate.


The design will vary depending on requirements. This can include standards compliance, site surveys, customer design requirements for look & feel, vandalism protection and more.


Once all planning is in place, our team will install the Help Points with high quality and accuracy. We will make sure the Help Point is connected to its call destination, ensuring emergency button presses are answered in rapid time.


Help Point maintenance is vital for railway stations to uphold safety, reliability, efficiency, passenger confidence, cost savings, and regulatory compliance. It ensures that these crucial communication systems remain ready and operational in any situation.

What are some features of Help Points?


Providing reliable assistance in challenging conditions, keeping safety and peace of mind guaranteed.

Video Integration

Experience advanced security and assistance with video integration, delivering real-time visual information for enhanced safety and support.

Multiple Buttons

Our Help Points offer versatility with multiple buttons, providing easy access to various assistance options tailored to your needs.

Display & Touchscreen

Various Help Points feature displays and touchscreens, offering intuitive access to essential information and assistance.

Remote Monitoring

Ensure optimal functionality and safety with Help Points’ remote monitoring, offering real-time insights and proactive maintenance.

GSM Technology

Global System for Mobile Communications provides reliable communication and assistance even remote or challenging locations.

IP Technology

Help Points leverage IP (Internet Protocol) technology for efficient, secure, and high-quality communication, ensuring rapid assistance and information dissemination.