GSM Gateway

The GSM gateway is a Multimedia Gateway that connects TDM’s GSM Help Points (WAM-GSX) to TDM’s emergency call and information system, the NIS.

The GSM gateway effortlessly converts mobile communication to wired communication (GSM to VoIP conversion) and also handles SMS messaging from GSM devices, converting to email messaging for ease of transmission.

The GSM media gateway allows TDM’s NIS VoIP System to communicate directly to GSM mobile subscribers. The GSM Gateway is linked to a NIS server (ComNode) via LAN/WAN. Up to 4 GSM transceivers with individual SIM cards can be plugged into the gateway. The gateway integrates the SMS server feature that allows SMS messages to be sent and received between mobiles and the NIS system and it’s fixed terminals.

Via this gateway, hundreds of TDM GSM call points can easily be operated, configured and monitored on the NIS system.

• Connection to NIS ComNode
• Supports VoIP
• Up to 4 channels per gateway
• A different GSM provider can be used for each channel