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With a comprehensive list of Gateways TDM's NIS platform can integrate multiple systems operating via different technologies:

  • Network gateway - with telephony connections to
  • public and private networks
  • GSM gateway - for integration of GSM Help Points, Call Stations and Emergency Phones
  • GSM-R gateway - for connection to MSC, SMSC and IN Train Data System on the GSM-R network
  • Radio gateway - for connection of analogue and digital radio
  • Announcement gateway - connecting loudspeakers and Public Address systems
  • TETRA gateway - for integration of TETRA radio
  • SHDSL gateway - connecting TDM's SHDSL Call Point (VICOS-CSS)

  • GSM Gateway

    The GSM media gateway allows TDM's NIS VoIP System to communicate directly to GSM mobile subscribers. The GSM Gateway is linked to a NIS server (ComNode) via LAN/WAN. Up to 4 GSM transceivers with individual SIM cards can be plugged into the gateway. The gateway integrates the SMS server feature that allows SMS messages to be sent and received between mobiles and the NIS system and it's fixed terminals.

    Via this gateway, hundreds of TDM GSM call points can easily be operated, configured and monitored on the NIS system.

    Download GSM Gateway Datasheet

    GSM-R Gateway

    A media gateway between TDM's NIS VoIP System and the GSM-R network. The GSM-R Gateway is linked to the NIS server via LAN/WAN and can be used as a gateway by several NIS servers.

    The gateway can be fully integrated into the NIS management system where it can be configured and all parameters can be monitored.

    Download GSM-R Gateway Datasheet

    PA Gateway

    The Public Address Gateway provides the interface between TDM’s NIS system and the acoustic output media. By converting speech and signalling the gateway enables the connection of analogue announcement systems to the VoIP technology of the NIS.

    The MGV chassis provides Ethernet interfaces to the NIS server (ComNode) or to other VoIP communication systems, and the gateway can be fitted on a modular basis. The chassis can be equipped with 1 to 4 MGC-204 front-end modules, which provide the interfaces to the public address system.

    Download PA Gateway Datasheet

    TETRA Gateway

    Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) was specifically designed for use by government agencies, the emergency services, public safety networks, rail transportation staff, transport services and the military.

    TETRA mobile stations (MS) can communicate in direct-mode operation (DMO) or trunked-mode operation (TMO) using the switching and management infrastructure (SwMI) of the TETRA base stations. In addition to voice communication, the TETRA system supports several types of data transfer like status messages and short data services (SDS).

    The TDM TETRA Gateway enables communication between TETRA devices and an operator's dispatching terminal on TDM's VoIP NIS system.

    Download TETRA Datasheet