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Emergency Call Points

TDM's range of Call Points allow you to provide information and assistance directly to your customers from remote locations.

With the increase of

un-manned stations in remote locations, TDM offers a solution which ensures the proper emergency handling of emergencies in public places with highly-visible, continuously monitored communication devices which are easy to use.

Emergency Call Pillar

TDM's Emergency Call Pillar is a vandal-resistant, flame retardant call point for outdoor applications.

The Emergency Call Pillar can be used by the public to directly speak with an Operator who will be able to provide location services, tourism guidance and emergency assistance.

Download Emergency Call Pillar DatasheetDatasheet

Modula Call Point

TDM’s Modula II Call Point enables effective two-way voice communication between the public and the Operator; this enables the Operator to determine the level of emergency assisted needed and also to offer reassurance to the member of the public.

The Modula Call Point is able to be fully integrated into TDM’s NIS communication platform, which offers additional functions such as CCTV images of incoming calls, regular monitoring of call stations, and centralised configuration of call stations.

Download Orange Modula DatasheetDatasheet