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TDM's Help Points & Emergency Phones can be supplied using the technology best suited to the installation, the most current and prevailing technologies in use are largely

Voice over IP (VoIP) and GSM, TDM supplies a range of units for both of these.


TDM's advanced VoIP electronic board -VICOS, allows connectivity via optical fibre, 2-wire copper or CAT5, making the installation possibilities extensive

Features include:

  • With up to 4 call buttons or with dial keypad available
  • 3 inputs and 3 outputs for surveillance and control
  • LED to show operation status
  • Autonomous or remote diagnostics over SNMP
  • Remote monitoring, configuration and software downloads with TDM's NIS management tools
  • Direct connection of a low-priced secondary call station
  • The VICOS can be connected directly over optical fibre, allowing for very large distances to be achieved and for existing fibre optic infrastructure to be utilised.

    TDM supplies several variations of the VICOS electronic that can be matched to meet the demands of the project.

Download VICOS DatasheetDatasheet


TDM's GSM board, the WAM-GSX; sending voice and data over a GSM or GSM-R connection.


  • Configuration via SMS
  • Alarms and periodic status reported via SMS
  • LED
  • Dual SIM card
  • Dual mode operation
  • Self test and remote diagnostics
  • 1 to 4 target buttons connectable
  • Solar power possible


  • Change and update without attending site
  • Remote monitoring
  • Signalling the operating state
  • 2nd GSM provider if 1st is unavailable
  • Hands free or handset (incl. PTT)
  • Remote maintenance possible
  • Connection to multiple services
  • Installation where mains power is unavailable
  • The WAM-GSX can be configured to TDM's NIS communication platform, another dispatcher system or any phone line.

Additional Features:

  • GSM / GSM-R quad band operation
  • Local speech samples for user help
  • 2 relays on board
  • OPTION BOARD - WAM-GSX option board with 2 serial interfaces, additional Inputs/Outputs and optional GPS module
  • Network Rail PADS No. 087/037944

Download WAM-GSX DatasheetDatasheet