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Are unmanned stations scaring away passengers?

Unmanned and remote stations can leave passengers feeling vulnerable and reluctant to travel on the rail network. With 46,688 crimes reported

to the British Transport Police last year alone, there is no doubt that a station with no visible members of staff can result in passengers feeling insecure about their safety.

This lack of confidence can not only come from a safety perspective but also an information perspective. A passenger should be regularly informed of when a train will arrive either via station announcements or real-time displays. An absence of this information will hinder travel from that station in the future.

At these stations, it is essential that there is a clear point of contact for the public. TDM’s range of Passenger Help Points offers just that. Our distinct white, round Help Points are easily identifiable and as pioneers of the original design from the 1990s have been installed for many Train Operating Companies in the UK.

TDM’s range of high-quality, vandal- resistant Help Points will be able to provide direct information and assistance to the public. Once the Help Point button is pressed, this then allows the public to speak directly to an operator from any location. The operator is also able to observe the member of public via CCTV to monitor any emergency situations.

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