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How we get half a million passengers onto two thousand trains in one day

London’s a busy city and Clapham Junction is the busiest interchange not just here, but in all of Europe. Close to half a million passengers

use the station every weekday so helping busy commuters and tourists navigate the 17 platforms quickly and easily is paramount to keeping the rail network flowing

The TDM solution centers around the design and installation of a ‘Next Fastest Train’ information display in an A-Z format which augments local on-platform displays. The 43 Infotec displays feedback to a central controller either by carefully designed cabling which works with the ancient Victorian architecture or by radio transmission.

With the TDM system the station manager is in a position not just to control the display of train information but to also monitor and co-ordinate passenger movements. At Clapham, we have designed and installed a complete network of CCTV cameras which are able to synchronise with passenger Help Points throughout the station. Station managers can observe passenger flow and react to live situations making announcements over the PA loudspeakers installed by TDM system as well as speak directly with ground staff via wireless communications.

This comprehensive system connecting drivers, platform staff, the traveling public (and if required blue light services via TETRA), is all part of the TDM offer which delivers far more than just displaying the time of the next train.

With the TDM solution in full operation, Clapham Junction is able to allow its thousands of daily passengers a clear route through the interchange to reach their destination on time and without hassle.

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