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Solving the problem of station drop-off congestion

Dropping off or picking up a rail traveller by car can be an important part of the passenger experience but if drivers outstay their welcome it can lead to congestion.

Our solution is simple, effective and fair to all. Using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) we have successfully installed and operated a new system at the drop-off point of a major UK railway station.

The innovative concept allows passengers 2 minutes to arrive, drop off and exit without causing congestion - providing a fairer deal for everyone. TDM’s fully IP-based system will monitor car number plates; internally processing the arrival and departure times and then sending the details of any vehicles that linger too long to a central database so that penalty charge notices can be issued to the vehicle owner.

The ANPR software can work in normal daylight or at night using infra red to clearly pick out any number plate.

Trans Data Management are looking at other stations on the rail network to develop the new system; TDM CEO Geoff Vaughan explained:
‘Congestion at drop off points by idle drivers can unfairly disrupt other passenger’s journeys. The idea allows an equal waiting time for all and we are very proud that TDM’s technology can give the concept the solution required.’

The latest installation of our technology has been so successful that the outlay for the system is being very quickly balanced by the recovery of the parking fines. We are now speaking to other customers about future deployment, if you have a situation where forecourt congestion is a problem, please call Paul Mead on 01293 516 691 or click here.