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Protecting London’s power supply

As global threats increase, governments have placed increased security on Critical Infrastructure Targets, such as electrical stations. The National Grid, is

one of the largest utility companies in the world and, is responsible for connecting power stations and substations to ensure that electricity is generated. The company has over 23 million customers and is responsible for supplying electricity across most of UK and North America.

Trans Data Management was chosen to supply, test and install a substation intruder detection system in a North London location. This new substation, is a part of the £1billion London Power Tunnel development. The tunnelling project, due for completion in 2018, is creating a 32km electricity super highway in order to support the increasing electricity demands of London’s residents.

Our security system for the substation has been installed to provide effective protection against intruders, ensuring the electricity supply to London’s residents is uninterrupted.

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