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Mobile PA System Installations

TDM carried out many installations in 2017, including a large number of Mobile PA Microphone system installations.

The Teleque system provides the facility for Public Address using handheld wireless PTT radio microphones. With the installation of receivers and directional antenna staff can make PA announcements whilst moving around the station. The system is highly scalable, can easily be integrated, and has multi-zonal capabilities.
The installations coincided with a number of station platform extensions, and have proven to be hugely successful in providing customer satisfaction, The system allows for direct real-time communication, this means that staff can be down on the ground and available, rather than at a desk, in an office, away from the customer.
The design makes venue management more efficient, providing the facility to deliver customer communication quickly and directly to large volumes. Particularly valuable in relaying safety messages, notification of changes and schedule variations. This can enhance the experience of the travelling public, and help improve customer satisfaction.
TDM is pleased to be able to provide a complete installation and commissioning of the microphone systems.