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TDM Shortlisted for UKRIA2018 Award

TDM is delighted to have been shortlisted for a UKRIA 2018 award in the category of passenger safety, for the TDM Help point.

The TDM Help Point was originally developed to address the train operator’s need to enhance passenger safety and provide a facility that would assist the travelling public, as the Help Point design and functionality has progressed these objectives have remained the fundamental purpose of the product.

Today, TDM’s Help point is available in many guises: utilising different technologies, in different enclosures, solar and mains powered, mobile, interactive, multifunctional, stand-alone or as part of a large system, and available with standard and enhanced functionality.

The features that have remained consistent and fundamental across all incarnation of the TDM Help point are reliability, durability and usability, as these are essential aspects of any application that aims to address passenger safety.

TDM is looking forward to attending the awards ceremony in March, and meeting with colleagues and many others within the rail industry.