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Removing the communication barriers

Rail passengers with hearing difficulties face challenges when listening for real-time information at UK Railway Stations.

Often, last-minute changes such as platform alterations or terminated services are announced via public address speakers leaving passengers with hearing difficulties unable to access the new changes to their journey.

Ampetronic Audio Frequency Induction Loops (AFILs) reduce background noise and allow those with hearing difficulties to hear more clearly if they are wearing a hearing-aid. TDM is currently installing hearing loops in waiting shelters and at the ticket offices at major railway stations on the Govia Thameslink Railway (previously Southern) network.

The update is a part of Southern’s £1million accessibility improvement programme, at 40 of their stations, which is making it easier for passengers to use their stations.

The AFILs installed by TDM will remove the communication barriers previously faced by passengers with hearing-loss, enabling them to hear station announcements and allowing them to complete their journey with ease.

TDM is committed to ensuring all passengers have access to our rail solutions. Our rail Help Points meet the requirements for The Equality Act (2010) and the Department for Transport Design Standards for Accessible Railway Stations, and have been fitted with AFILs and braille overlays where required. If you would like to know more about our rail Help Point solutions please click here.

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