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Communication between trains and maintenance depots is essential for running a safe railway operation. “Train-to-Shore” communication is used

by modern rail systems to allow for the real-time reporting of anomalies on the train prior to maintenance being carried out. Once reported, anomalies and faults within the train are dealt with during the maintenance period.

TDM’s solution for two of the most high-tech train centres in Europe, ensures that “Train-to-Shore communication is effortlessly conveyed. The Three Bridges train care depot in West Sussex and the Hornsey train care depot in North London have been incorporated with Wireless Access Points (WAPs) installed by TDM to form a Wi-Fi network encompassing key maintenance building and sidings.

The WAPs and antennas installed by TDM ensure seamless communication from the train to the fixed depot infrastructure and transfer vital train system information from each train to the maintenance depot.

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