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We devise solutions to the problems facing all railway station managers that need to coordinate passenger information through platform CIS monitors and anouncements with information from maintenance engineers using GSM-R, radio and emergency services on TETRA. The operator has touch screen control over all networks including CCTV and station Help Points and is able to have total confidence in the TDM system connecting all services by NIS and VoiP. The network can stretch beyond the station environment and even into the depth of the world’s longest tunnel, the new Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland.

Today’s motorways and highways are dangerous environments where a rapid response to a situation is often critical. Over 90% of the Swiss road network depends on our roadside emergency telephones which connect stranded motorists with a central office. Our system can allow base operators not just to speak directly to the roadside caller but to observe the situation via remote control CCTV. The operator is able to connect to the emergency services via the TETRA network and even place them in direct contact with the motorist.

We can create fully integrated communications systems that allow port operators to remotely control and coordinate complex working environments. Our versatile systems are able to operate passenger information and public address systems as well as facilitating communications between dockside managers, access points and shipping. No two ports are identical but in collaborating with port operators we can provide a communications system which meets the precise needs of a given location.

Handling high volume passenger flow is a key part of the TDM portfolio. We meet the need for high vigilance in security conscious environments and the requirement for reliable customer information from car park to airport gate. We create site specific systems which provide a communications network that puts a central operator in control of the passenger information as well as the ability to coordinate airside engineers and emergency services.

For large industrial complexes such as oil refineries and gas terminals, we offer central management of access points, public address systems and CCTV as well as remote environmental monitoring such as fire detection and accompanying alarm systems. This enables a high level of security to be maintained in large high risk areas.

Our leading edge technology operates very effectively to maintain public safety in urban city centres. As well as providing a network of public information Help Points we are also able to install monitoring systems that can detect environmental events such as landslides, fire, and flood which can be combined with a public address system to play pre-recorded emergency warnings. Central operators can also coordinate emergency services while monitoring situations on CCTV.