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Trans Data Management (TDM) is an international provider of integrated security and communication solutions. With headquarters in Switzerland and the UK, and subsidiaries in India and the Middle East, TDM supplies a global market.

Starting in 2000, supplying the railway market, Trans Data Management (TDM) Limited was formed to provide a presence in the United Kingdom for the Infrastructure Operators division of Ascom (Schweiz) AG, the blue chip Swiss conglomerate. 

The first of the London Underground Help Points was designed and supplied by the Ascom team. This design has stood the test of time and is a common sight across the Underground today.

Over the last decade TDM has become one of the largest suppliers and systems integrator of communications and security solutions for the UK National Railways and has expanded its customer base to offer solutions to the transport sector as a whole and across multiple industries.

In 2012 TDM Ltd acquired the Infrastructure Operators division of Ascom AG and Trans Data Management AG was established in Berne, Switzerland. All the existing employees from the division transferred to TDM bringing with them a strong management team and a wealth of experience.

As well as delivering integrated security and communication systems to both the road and railway markets in mainland Europe, TDM AG runs the manufacturing element of the business and manages a strong R & D department.

The different branches of TDM work closely, co-operating on selected projects and tendering activities, as well as having some joint operational functions.

In 2016, Hadorn Industries acquired a controlling interest in TDM AG creating new opportunities, opening up new markets and product diversity.